CRM dates one day too early when accessing them via LINQ

For one of my a clients I had to create something to import records from their former CRM system into the new one via csv files. When this was completed it had to export result data they would use to check if all the data was converted correctly. As a solution I decided to make a Windows Forms application and access the CRM data via the API using LINQ.

In the exported data I noticed that date fields came out one day too early. For example in the CRM interface the date was shown as 6/25/2015 but in my export files the dates showed up as 6/24/2015 so for me this felt like very strange behavior.


Custom driver to access CRM data via LINQPad available again

When the custom driver made by Alex Igrushkin stopped working for CRM 2013 and 2015 and it appeared that there wouldn't be any upgrade as well, I was very disappointed. As a CRM developer I use a lot of LINQ queries and I loved to be able to execute and debug these queries in LINQPad before building and publishing plugins and such.

Today I discovered this MSDN post where Kenichiro Nakamura anouched he and his team released a new driver called "LINQPad 4 Driver for Dynamics CRM"

This is a great way to be able to work directly with your CRM data so thanks a lot Kenichiro!


CRM Solution Manager - A must have tool for CRM developers

When I started as a CRM developer I used to make changes to JavaScript, went to the form editor of the entity concerned, clicked form properties, opened up the JavaScript, pasted the changed code, clicked save and publish and the went back to my browser to refresh the page and see if the change was working.

You can imagine that if you keep doing this months on end you will get RSI for sure!


Latest CRM 2015 Update 1 not coming to CRM on-premise just now

Some of my clients are a little disappointed with the slow rendering time of the more complex forms in CRM 2013 and 2015. Especially when there is a lot of custom JavaScript it takes rather long until the user is able to edit the data. Many times we compared the results of an empty installation with their customized installation and proved that our work was not slowing things down that much.


Session variables are lost when using eBay SDK

I was working with the eBay SDK for a client of mine and every time I posted a new product to eBay via their SDK the session was lost and I was redirected to the login page of the CMS.

When I was looking around the code and the folder structure of the application, I noticed that the SVN icon of the file "listing_log.txt" in the "bin" folder turned red so something change it. Since I was reusing some of the eBay example code I noticed this part where the log file is written. Every time some file in the "bin" folder is changed .NET rebuilds the application so this is why the session variables where lost.