Custom driver to access CRM data via LINQPad available again

When the custom driver made by Alex Igrushkin stopped working for CRM 2013 and 2015 and it appeared that there wouldn't be any upgrade as well, I was very disappointed. As a CRM developer I use a lot of LINQ queries and I loved to be able to execute and debug these queries in LINQPad before building and publishing plugins and such.

Today I discovered this MSDN post where Kenichiro Nakamura anouched he and his team released a new driver called "LINQPad 4 Driver for Dynamics CRM"


CRM Solution Manager - A must have tool for CRM developers

When I started as a CRM developer I used to make changes to JavaScript, went to the form editor of the entity concerned, clicked form properties, opened up the JavaScript, pasted the changed code, clicked save and publish and the went back to my browser to refresh the page and see if the change was working.

You can imagine that if you keep doing this months on end you will get RSI for sure!